About me
Name: Kaho
Birthday: 8th October
Bloodtype: B

Likes: snow, long walks, nights, cats, paranormal romances, rainy days, asian sweets, criminal aspects

Hates: noise, shopping centers, boring TV shows

♫ I'm kind of addicted to my music ~

♥ DaizyStripper ♥ vistlip
♥ アンド ♥
chrissynorway: ChrissyNorway ★✩★✩★mortisia: Mute The Silencehaideist: Just trust me, hold on.daizystripper-nao: 「You're (not) mine」jiisats-u: 夢のあとdicktats: 寄生虫strawberry--butterfly: 「D a z e」monsters-are-r-e-a-l: 二人だけの秘密だ。tsukkiraffe: call me senpailydel-chan: ~*nameless*~shinya-ren: 一日romannchen: this place is a shelter.xchiisai: 愛してました。waitingforthesummerdawn: Waiting For The Summer Dawn ♥fuckyeahmejibray: Fuck Yeah Mejibrayruitomo: お前の心に THREE POINT SHOOTpumpkintsch: ✞ P ü m p k i n t $ c h ✞jeanne8917: We should break the rulesakayu: Lunar's Chronicleskeidiauradaisuki: Kei DIAURA Daisukiflymetojapan: 行かないでkenyasakura2003: the-world-that-decayed: Daydream...I Am Happyjapanesefoodlover: Japanese food89cats: meow.deep-e-n-d: ▲ the final ar† is your dead faceclassicopera: クラシックオペラhimchannie-tokki: Soulmatedokumoru: -SADISMusical-simonucha: Simioxymoronicbehaviour: OXYMORONIC BEHAVIOUR & VISUAL GRATIFICATIONdearest006: マネキンmotherfucking-vantasia: Motherfucking-vantasiaalinavortex: ✧ alina vortex✧yuginyan: ルード・ボーイheresiarchy: HERESIARCHYaya-hiromi: Aya ♪☆~あや~☆♪‏kokoronomamani: Verus nullus, Omnis licitusstrangeghost: Hey, what's your dream?luminotte: Shinkainaine-jp: Why are you crying?edithnyan410: Everyday is ♪MUSIC♪gensou-tomo: dead cherryithankuandiloveu: 七転び八起きtsuki29: Hurricanelittlevistlipthings: little vistlip thingstomotilla: All of my dear Little Stars. We love... youaiyuurika: 黒銀アゲハjessiemi: J-Rock Lovervkforever: VKsavestheworldsugarriot: ☆ MAD ★ KILLER☆ [hiatus]agent006subs: Agent006Subslynch-shots: Lynch. Shotsnightmarejisu: ♠Kitsune♠ ‏cosmicmorphine: Cosmic Morphine ~fuckyeahkiyoharu: Fuck Yeah! Kiyoharu!xtorment: xtormentdreams-of-japan: A JAPANESE DREAMongakunokami: Ongaku no Kamifuckyeahvistlip: fuckyeahvistlip.imi-ga-nai: 意味が、、、club-galaxy: Club Galaxydr-yuu-negativism: ~†NEGATIVISM†~daizystripperdreamer: Dearestdaizystripper: zjrock-quote: lovegungun: DIGITAL ROMANCEdaizystripper-rei: Juliet's Knifecosmicworld27: Rawr ❥ (AkiLove) ‏festvainqueur: 奇跡の翼daizy-dreamer: Daizy Dreamerrui-vistlip: ~Devil's Whisper~meaning-ful-quotes: quotes are lifesyndromev: ★ Syndrome V ★vistlipconfessions: VISTLIP CONFESSIONS
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